Elin Berge

Umeå, Sweden

Elin Berge (b. 1978) lives and works in Umeå, Sweden. Her stories embrace the topics of women's realities, identities and beliefs. She has made four photo books and a documentary film.

Marie Hald

Copenhagen, Denmark

Marie Hald (b.1987) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She tells stories about social issues and lately her work has revolved around body and mental illness. Marie Hald has won numerous international awards including a price in World Press Photo. Hald had her first solo exhibition at Fotografiska, Stockholm in 2018.

Chris Maluszynski

Oslo, Norway

Chris Maluszynski (b.1975) graduated from the University of Linköping with an MA in Art History and Visual Communication. He is based in Oslo, Norway, and is currently working on a documentary film. He has a special interest in stories of people who choose their own paths in life. He has published the book Systrar.


Knut Egil Wang

Oslo, Norway

Knut Egil Wang (b.1974) lives in Oslo, Norway. His favorite topics to photograph include cows, tractors, human beings and pigs in space. He has made three photo books so far.

Juuso Westerlund

Helsinki, Finland

Juuso Westerlund (b.1975) is a photographer and a filmmaker based in Helsinki, Finland. Juuso takes out of the ordinary pictures of the ordinary. His flash knobs are usually turned up to eleven.